Jyotishmati Yoga Shala Carrboro

"teach what is within you, not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the one in front of you." - T. Krishnamacharya



NEW: Sunday community class 10-11:30am, with teacher trainee Noel Myers!

QiGong classes starting on Jan. 21! Mondays @ 6pm with Kristen Polzier: more info here

Morning class additions in 2019:

~ (Very) Slow Flow for all levels starts Jan. 11!

Fundamentals of Flow Class, great for BEGINNERS! 
Starts Jan. 8th 9:30-10:45am W/ RUTH NEWNAM!




  • Restorative Yoga

    13 November 2018 By lyndsay teaching asana Comments

    Restoration. Healing. Rejuvenation. Refreshment. Therapeutic. Curative. Antidotal.

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  • I Joyfully Take the World in as a Vital Part of Me

    25 June 2018 By lyndsay Heart Opening Comments

    Place your dominant hand upon your heart and say, “I joyfully take in the world as a vital part of me.” I joyfully take in the world as a vital part of me

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  • On humility

    20 May 2018 By lyndsay Yoga Lifestyle Comments
  • Sauca

    28 December 2017 By lyndsay 8 Limbs Comments
  • Yoga Sutras Commentary Excerpt

    26 February 2017 By lyndsay Yoga Sutras Comments

    To all that request bits of writing from my ongoing project, Live in the Light: Translation and Commentary of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, here is an excerpt from some contemplations on obstacles to the path of absolute liberation, and meditation, the devotional method prescibed

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  • Yogastha Weekend Immersion

    04 February 2017 By lyndsay yoga workshop Comments
  • Practice with Earnest Devotion

    25 January 2017 By lyndsay Yoga Lifestyle Comments
  • The Tenets of Classical Yoga

    16 October 2016 By lyndsay Yoga Sutras Comments
  • There is no Joy (or Love) in expectation

    03 October 2016 By lyndsay Yoga Lifestyle Comments

    We have expectations. We have them of ourselves, of our families, our friends, our romantic relationships. We have expectations of what “should” be, what “shouldn’t” be, and the roles that we play within the shoulds and the woulds and the coulds. We decide how it should be, whether it is our own ideas or if it is instilled in us from another’s accepted set of expectations, and then we act purely based upon that. 

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  • It comes from the inside out

    07 August 2016 By lyndsay Yoga Lifestyle Comments

    If I am going to identify myself with something, it is with the path of Raja Yoga. That is to say, that I am a lifestyle yogi, practicing all forms of yoga every day. This is to include Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Japa/Mantra Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. Putting all of these unique aspects of the lifestyle together makes it “Royal Yoga” or Raja Yoga — the 8 limb path. All efforts are done on a moment-by-moment basis, as a prescription to be placed upon each situation as it comes, or, if stillness and grace is to come from these efforts as the state of yoga, then stillness and the simple existence in peace is to be experienced.

    I’ve been known, in my efforts to motivate true seekers, to say that transcendence requires effort, and if enlightenment were easy, we’d all be there and suffering would not occur. That’s just not the case. Everything is all rainbows and butterflies and the Heavens are raining down vegan marshmallows...until it’s not. And then what? 
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