Jyotishmati Yoga Shala Carrboro

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All of our classes are for all levels, and in any class, a lifestyle practitioner of 25 years may be challenged and find growth right next to a brand-new beginner. Enjoy the freshness of energy with all levels and be supported in your practice with yogic instruction from a lifestyle yogi instructor! Directional, energetic and nurturing assists are provided as a vital component of the teaching, with great care and intuitive support of the student on his or her journey to show the student his or her potential in Self-discovery as the practice unfolds. 

Our teachers are experienced lifestyle yogis and regularly teach what are considered to be advanced poses in each class, though beginners and advanced practitioners alike will feel very supported and in a nurturing environment for continued growth at The Shala. Class rates and descriptions below. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted in The Shala.






Drop in:



Punch Cards:

5 class 8 weeks: $60 ($13/class)
10 class 8 weeks: $100 ($10/class)


Unlimited Options:

Unlimited Month/4 weeks: $120 ($10/class @ 3x/week)
Unlimited 2 Months/8 weeks: $210 ($8.75/class @ 3x/week)
Unlimited Week Visitor Pass: $60

Student special: $10 drop in!


*Due to the nature of what we do and how it is done, no refunds are given unless signficant extenuating circumstances exist.


class descriptions

Boot Camp/Asana Clinic:
All levels of students are welcome to Boot Camp, a powerful and vigorous vinyasa (flowing with the breath) practice for the body and mind. Cultivate a quieter mind by bringing awareness to the way the breath fuels the anatomical and physical body. Lots of standing poses, some basic arm balances, back bends, twists, strong hip openers, strengthening drills, and overall mobility workout for the connectedness of the body/mind.


Saturday Sadhana:
This is a weekly immersion to allow you to settle deeply into your practice as a vital aspect of an overall sadhana. Each Saturday, class will begin with a short discussion to theme the morning with Right Knowledge, working with yoga philosophy stemming from the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads. We will spend time with pranayama; dynamic, vigorous asana/vinyasa sequencing; and finishing with a philosophy-based contemplation and/or meditation. This class is for all levels - beginner to advanced.


Forward Bending Vinyasa Focus:
This weekly go-to class includes Sun Salutations with upper body-to-core emphasis, standing poses, seated forward bend poses, jump-through vinyasa transitions and back bends, followed by closing sequence postures as prescibed by the Krishnamacharya vinyasa lineage. This class is for all levels, is modifiable for all, and is particularly helpful for those with tightness or discomfort in the low back, hips, and joints of the legs. 


Back Bending Vinyasa Focus:
This weekly go-to class includes Sun Salutations with upper body-to-core emphasis, standing poses, seated warm-up poses, jump-through vinyasa transitions, a strong backbending sequence, twists, leg behind the head work, arm balances and headstands, followed by closing sequence postures as prescribed by the Krishnamacharya vinyasa lineage. This class is particlarly helpful for those who have hyperlax (hypermobile) joints and are seeking to strengthen a wide range of mobility.